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The urge to explore and learn is our connection to the world.  When you’re looking for luxury, adventure and relaxation or a little bit of everything, my years of personal, first hand experiences, global connections and total commitment to your safety are all you need to make your dream become your reality.  Let’s plan the perfect adventure for you.

There's no better time than on a travel excursion.

We believe that all time is precious  – especially your time. With over twenty-five years of first-hand destination knowledge and experiences, our travel service provides unrivaled options for a lavish escape where playful learning and unforgettable memories are all part of the package.

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This amazing career has allowed me meet wonderful people,  visit over 34 countries and sail on over 45 cruises.  I am  committed to creating the most client centered travel based on your specific desires. . . whether that be  a luxurious five star African Safari, a Michelin Five Star food and wine experience, a concerts, art exhibitions, or simply a white sand beach, you have options that will enhance and elevate your vision of travel.

Distinctive Travel and Tours is my vision of five-star luxurious travel guidance.

My service provides unrivaled options for that lavish escape that includes the cultural and playful learning you have been dreaming of for quite some time and luxury is all part of the package.

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Distinctive Travel and Tours is here to create the vacation of your dreams.

The urge to explore is what makes us human. Whether you’re looking for luxury, adventure, relaxation or maybe a little bit of everything, our years of experience, global connections and commitment to safety are all you’ll need to make your wildest dreams a reality.

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I am available Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm; or by appointment. 

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